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Roll up! Roll up! Weed all about it

Fri 15th Apr 2022


Barracks Lane Community Garden is hidden away off the Cowley Road and is BEAUTIFUL. A tranquil space full of plants, trees, a bathtub full of flowers and some beautiful art.

Greeted by Hannah and Jenny we did the register stating our favourite ice cream flavours, ranging from strawberry to bakewell tart, and had an introduction to this gorgeous space.

Our tasks were weeding around some flower and herb beds, painting and sanding a shed and cutting back some unruly grass. We were supplied with overalls which did rather make Alice look like she should be on a gritty BBC crime drama!

As usual the time zipped by and after a very welcome cup of tea and cake we skipped off into the light evening. ****This was a gorgeous task, we hope to come back soon!

Welcome to Laura, so lovely to have you along this week!

Report written by Anwen Greenaway


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